DioGuardi: Rate your Tax Problem – Taxman Doesn’t Know

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DioGuardi Tax Problem



If you have years of unfiled back taxes, or have not reported all your income, you are technically in violation of the Income Tax Act and, if the Taxman finds out, you can be charged and prosecuted in the criminal courts. It’s better to clean up the situation before the Taxman knows.


DioGuardi Tax Amnesty creates a legal safety zone from which to file past due returns or file amended returns to report the undisclosed income without imposition of penalties and interest. You will be required to pay the tax assessed on your returns. But, if your tax amnesty is accepted, there will be no punitive consequences.


This is by far the safest way to fix your tax problem. And time is always of the essence, because you never know when the Taxman will discover your delinquency.


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