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Don’t be frightened if, after you file your tax return(s) and you receive your initial tax assessment, you are asked for proof of childcare receipts or vehicle mileage. This is not truly an audit. It’s a common request that is simply part of the CRA’s usual due diligence. Provide the receipts requested and the matter will likely end there. If you can’t provide the receipts, be prepared to lose the deduction.


If the CRA informs you by telephone or by letter that they wish to audit your tax returns or your books and records, this situation is more dangerous.  It’s an indication – likely your first – that the CRA has reason to believe you are hiding something. The agency will position this as a verification exercise. But it’s really a fishing expedition.  Here’s what you really need to know:

1.You must cooperate with the audit request.
2.You may retain the services of a tax professional to represent you and to deal with the auditor on your behalf.
3.You do not want to argue with the auditor or been seen as obstructing the examination.
4.If you do not agree with the auditor’s findings you have 30 days to dispute the findings, and after that 90 days in which to file a formal Notice of Objection.

To learn more, watch Audit; Why Me? above.



Dangerous CRA Tax Forms

If you are being audited, or are under investigation by the CRA, or applying for taxpayer relief, you may be asked to complete one of these forms.

Do not do so until you have consulted with an experienced tax lawyer.

Any information you provide to the CRA by completing one of these forms is information that can be used against you at any time in the future for a reassessment or, in the worst scenario, to build a case against you for criminal tax evasion.

get-document Field Audit Form (PDF document - 8 pages, 84kB)

This form has been recreated to our best understanding of what CRA auditors typically are looking for. If asked to complete a form like this, do not comply without legal tax counsel.

get-document Personal Expenditures Worksheet (PDF document - 2 pages, 72kB)

An example of a personal expenditures worksheet that the CRA may ask you to complete. If asked to complete a form like this, do not comply without legal tax counsel.

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