Looking for tax help online tells the CRA you have tax trouble

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Keep your tax problem offline.
DioGuardi offers safe and protected tax help.


News stories confirm that government agencies here in Canada are partners with the NSA in the
United States, and with other governments around the world, in the collection of metadata from 
search engines, email, and social media.



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The surveillance state



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 Your internet life has already been captured, sorted and stored for future

 reference.  And the internet is forever.


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 Do we have to wait for the other shoe to drop?

"The IRS is all fired up to use big data to hunt for tax cheats..."

And where the IRS goes, the Canada Revenue agency invariably follows

Any time it chooses, the
Canada Revenue Agency may legally                      
seek access to those stores of internet data, and parse it to
profile candidates for audit or investigation. That means you.
Read the section of the Income Tax Act that enables the CRA
to ask for access to data.   



Here are three ways to protect your tax matters from unauthorized review.


1.  Keep your tax problems offline. If it’s not on the web, it’s safe from unauthorized surveillance.
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2.  If you must google, don’t click on ads that reference tax troubles.
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      Each ad click is a red flag .  You might as well stand naked on the street
      and tell the internet spies you have trouble with taxes.


       3.   For help with tax trouble and CRA problems, stay within this safe zone.




   You can explore all the pages in this site and share questions
   or comments about tax and your tax life sheltered from spying eyes.


What makes our site safe?


It’s protected by VeriSign™ security technology.
We can’t use this symbol until our site passes their standards.
You can also tell by the url. Once you are inside our secure 
world, the url changes 
from “http:” to “https”.


Check out the url bar you see now at the top of your screen.
The “s” is for – do we need to say it? – SECURE.

Parting Thoughts:

As tax lawyers, DioGuardi offers you the protection of solicitor-client privilege.

If you googled back taxes, tax audit, unreported income, tax arrears, tax bankruptcy
tax evasion, tax problem, tax help, tax trouble,  or any other CRA problem to get here – or to any other tax help site - 
this protection is essential to your tax life .   


When you talk to me, I’ll tell you why. Call 1 877 4 DIO-TAX to arrange a consultation.


For now, understand that tax is too private to google .  You never know when the CRA will request access
to the breadcrumb trail of your life online.

 Speaking of breadcrumb trails…..
If the web is a record of your past ( and it is ),
"email, is even older, and contains a
detailed description of [y]our personal
and professional history ... "   -from the immersion website









 Are you brave enough to look
into your life on email?
Three researchers at MIT have created
a program that allows you to view
a map of your email - specifically your
gmail - history. It will look something like this...
This sample from the immerson site imagines the
mail history of a fictitious TV character named Howard Wolowitz.
If you're brave enough, visit https://immersion.media.mit.edu/ and enter your gmail account.
The personal details revealed will put to rest any doubts you have about the pervasive capabilities
of internet surveilance.


FURTHER TO THE FOREGOING…. (a bibliography on mass surveillance)


The relevations of “suspicionless surveillance by our government are a wake up call to us all.


In brief, and in review, here’s how the story unfolded:


The Leak:




The Whistleblower

                Edward Snowden’s interview with journalist Glenn Greenwald and filmographer Laura Poitras of The Guardian




The Political Debate:

Sen. Alan Grayson’s Speech to Congress




What Canadians Need to Know: From a Canadian expert



Radio interviews with Ron Deibert, Director Citizens Lab, University of Toronto:







The After-Math:

From Canadian media:

Heather Mallick, Toronto Star


Jesse Stein, National Post




Jonathan Kay, National Post






From Pravda:




And the story continues...












Glenn Greenwald on NSA Surveillance Agenda  




                  Glenn Greenwald advises more revelations to come...




Owner of Snowden’s Email Service on Why He Closed Lavabit Rather Than Comply With Gov’t




Google: don't expect privacy when sending to Gmail
































Canada's security agency as active as NSA in capture of internet traffic and
            using it to profile you...




Here's what we know google knows about you:
All the more reason to keep your tax trouble off the internet.





The CBC interviews journalist Glen Greenwald on the Snowden leaks and why
internet surveillance by governments - including here in Canada - is the
death of personal privacy.




Raw: Snowden Sends Christmas Day Message to US



The surveillance state


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