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DioGuardi published this open letter in the Financial Post
on October 14, 2010.

DioGuardi published this open letter in the Financial Post on October 14, 2010.

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"The Canada Revenue Agency's Voluntary Disclosure program is not adequate protection."

April 4, 2013: Paul DioGuardi on the dangers facing Canadians named in the offshores accounts database leak.


Here’s DioGuardi on the Back Taxes Trap


DioGuardi Tax Amnesty goes beyond VDP

to provide true legal protection from prosecution and penalties.


Let’s set the record straight about what a VDP is and, more important, is NOT.

A VDP is an administrative process created by the CRA to save them the time and trouble of tracking down tax evaders.


It works on an exchange of promises.


You promise to file your outstanding tax returns, or file amended returns reporting the assets or income you’ve hitherto neglected to mention.


The CRA promises to review all your information and then, if you are deemed worthy, accept your tax returns for assessment without penalty or interest.


There is no promise of legal protection.


There is no legally binding agreement.


There is no legal commitment that evidence provided in your voluntary disclosure will not be used against you in the future.


There’s nothing legal about it!


DioGuardi Tax Amnesty – True Legal Protection


In 2006, when the CRA shifted the VDP program from the jurisdiction of the Appeals Division into Enforcement – otherwise known as the Tax Police – as experienced tax litigation lawyers, we realized that a voluntary disclosure had suddenly become a trap for extracting incriminating information from unwary tax delinquents.


That’s when DioGuardi created our own unique concept of Tax Amnesty.


DioGuardi Tax Amnesty is NOT simply a voluntary disclosure.


It goes beyond an administrative application for safe-passage with forgiveness of penalties.


It is, instead, a serious confession of behaviour which is subject to prosecution under the Income Tax Act, submitted under the safeguard of solicitor-client privilege. And it is presented as a legal defense and a request for full exoneration of your actions.


By acknowledging the illegality of your actions and presenting your defense at the outset, DioGuardi is able to invoke your rights against self-incrimination, and thus position you to move to exclude evidence revealed to the CRA, should you be prosecuted in the future for your non-fling or non-reporting.


An accountant can do no more than file your tax returns under the VDP program, leaving you exposed and vulnerable.

A lawyer who relies on the administrative approach of the VDP program exposes you to the same risk.


DioGuardi Tax Amnesty offers true legal protection.

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