Dioguardi: Rate your Tax Problem - Demands to File 

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DioGuardi Tax Problem


This starts as a polite request from the CRA to file the returns they believe are outstanding. It will be followed, in a matter of weeks, with escalating letters demanding that you file, until you receive a Final Request to File which threatens legal action. Continue to be delinquent and the Taxman will use his own accounting strategies to “arbitrarily assess” you for the unfiled years. This assessment stands as your tax bill until such time as you file returns reflecting your true income and expenses.  

Here are the dangers:

1.The CRA will collect aggressively on the arbitrarily assessed balance, including taking such legal action as seizing your bank account, putting a lien on your home, or garnishing wages.
2.The CRA can still choose to prosecute you under Section 238 of the Income Tax Act for failure to file.

How bad can it be? Watch Tales from Tax Hell: Richard.

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