How to choose your tax help in Canada

Sunday, 19 August 2018


How to choose your tax help in Canada

How to choose your tax help in Canada - 4.7 out of 5 based on 7 votes

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There's the Canada Revenue Agency and the folks who help prepare your taxes. Do they work for you or for the CRA? You decide.


Charlene   29.04.2014 23:04

If you put your house up for sale with a lien by the CRA, will they back down and wait for the sale or will they continue to badger???

Lillian OMalley   02.03.2014 01:02
choosing tax help

I just have a basic return as I am in one of the lowest tax brackets but I have an accountant who does my return and e-files it. I have always had money owing to me and the return is pretty straight forward. Even on a simple return my accountant's office has twice made mistakes that caused me to make amendments to my tax returns. Both times they entered income information on the wrong is always wise to check your return thoroughly no matter who does it.

Darren   08.12.2013 21:37

CRA works for CRA and tax preparation businesses work for themselves. I once had a tax preparer do my income tax one year just because I wanted to get my refund early. They were well paid from a percentage of my refund of course and they almost screwed up my return by over-declaring the CPP overpayment part of the return and had I not caught their error and went back to have them fix it before filing it, it would have been trouble.


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