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CRA using robo-calls to collect tax sooner.

CRA using robo-calls to collect tax sooner. - 5.0 out of 5 based on 49 votes

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The next anonymous telephone call you get may be from a compubot at the Canada Revenue Agency.

Ongoing initiatives to collect tax in a timely manner include robocall blasts targeted to taxpayers with a history of making their tax payment(s) after the filing due date. The recorded message is friendly reminder that your tax return is due on June 15 ( if you are self-employed) and you will be charged interest on any tax owing as of that date. And have a nice day...

Robo collection calls are a bit outdated in a world even the hated telcos are making calls in person.  But you can't fault the CRA for trying.

CRA Robocalls Sooner

This could be a new form of taxpayer relief. You can vent your true feelings about your tax bill and exchange verbal unpleasantries with the robocaller without fear of hurting anyone's feelings.  Unless you think the call may be recorded for quality control purposes. The robocaller doesn't say anything about that....

If you subscribe to the belief that the people who work as tax collectors at the CRA are no better than robots, you can rejoice in the fact that the CRA has at last fit the form to the function.

So when the anonymous number comes up on your caller id, don't be shy. Give the robotaxcop a chance. It could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

BTW: This year (2013) self-employed folks have until midnight on Monday, June 17 to file (and pay) their 2012 taxes. Guess even robocallers can be a little off...

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self-employed   11.06.2013 20:05
I got that call!

There's no way to make "This is a call from the Canada Revenue Agency" sound friendly.... and how did they get my cellphone number?
Anybody else get a call?


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